About Sen Spa

Associated with the beauty of a sincere, romantic, yet very resilient flower, Sen Spa is designed and decorated in a rustic and simple style, featuring bold traditional characteristics of Vietnam.

Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City via an alley entrance, Sen Spa is separated from the noisy atmosphere to open into a gentle and serene space. Arriving to Sen Spa, customers will enter a luxurious and tranquil world, interwoven between modern and classic to accentuate the image of the elegant lotus flowers.

With almost 30 therapists being professionally trained and certified following international standards, Sen Spa is proud to be a perfect wellness destination that meets the needs of the most fastidious guests from all around the world.

19 years

dedication to customers




Established An Nam Spa at 26-28 Dong Du, District 1 as a 9-floor building of full spa services


Established Sen Spa at 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan, District 1 with 3 floors (9-10-11) in the Miss Aodai Building.


An Nam Spa and Sen Spa were merged into Sen Spa, located at 26-28 Dong Du, District 1


Opened Sen Viet Spa, including two points at the international departure station and one point at the domestic departure station at Tan Son Nhat airport.


Relocated Sen Spa to 10B1 Le Thanh Ton, District 1 as a building of 6 spa floors & 1 floor for rent serviced apartments.

What is SPA?

According to the original definition, SPA is a healthcare therapy that uses water (also known as “hydrotherapy”). Today SPA is defined as health and beauty treatments that helps balance the body and spirit. A true spa must be able to influence 5 senses and help reenergize the customers so they can become healthier and younger, like at Sen Spa


The nose is welcomed by the pleasant aroma of plants and natural essential oil covering the entire floors.


Minimalistic decoration and gentle lighting help transcend your spirit to another realm and drown your body in deep relaxing moments.


Not only is Sen Spa's special drink delicious, but it is also rejuvenating for your health and skin.


Your bright smooth skin will be well cared for with gentle strokes to remove all muscle knots.


Sen spa’s calming melodies help relieve stress and depression so you can slowly drift into deep sleep.

Why choose us

Being recognized as one of the first pioneers that brought true Spa services into Vietnam

Sen Spa with its sophisticated minimalist design takes customers to a serene dimension to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

Why choose us

Sen Spa has been leading the trend of healthy living and nature loving

Born in 2004, Sen Spa has been leading the trend of healthy living and nature loving to maintain a fulfilling life and unclouded spirit.

Why choose us

Dedicated specialist

With almost 30 technicians being professionally trained and certified following international standards

Why choose us

Beauty without surgery

. Our team of specialists are dedicated to help 100% of our customers feel their bodies full of vitality after just one treatment.


Six separate floors bring an ultimate sense of complete privacy and comfort

1st floor

Exclusive area for Foot massages

2nd floor

Spa area (steam bath, sauna, soaking in spa pools) and facial for female customers

3rd floor

Massage area for female customers

4th floor

Spa area (steam bath, sauna, spa pools) and facial for male customers

5th floor

Massage area for men

6th floor

VIP rooms provide intimate and private spaces for couples.

7th floor

Serviced apartment for long-term stay guests with easy access to all the convenient places in central HCMC


Sen Spa has been honored as the most popular Spa in Ho Chi Minh City for many years

Sen Spa was voted Top 5 spas in the first "Ho Chi Minh City 100 interesting things" poll organized by the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism and the City Tourism Association.

Sen Spa was voted by Travelive magazine as one of "25 great spas that are loved in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Sen Spa won The Guide Awards for "Culture $ Cuisine: key attraction for VN tourism" organized by Vietnam Economic Times.

Sen Spa continued to be voted Top 5 Spas in the second "Ho Chi Minh City 100 interesting things" survey.

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